Soils: Foundation for Life Webinar

Dig into the basics of soil! Explore this free hour-long recorded webinar, where you'll learn what soil is, how it forms, and how it affects our lives every day through hands-on activities for the classroom. The webinar was presented by professional members of the Soil Science Society of America, and hosted by NESTA.

The content of the webinar connects not only with NGSS Earth & Space science core ideas, but life science and physical science core ideas as well.



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Suggested Resources and Activities
*compiled by webinar section

Soil - An Overview

Taxonomy Poster (pdf) (request a print copy at 

Basic Soil Processes Activity

Earth as an Apple   Activity SheetDr. Dirt Video (YouTube)

Soils Overview Video (with Jim Toomey)


Soil Formation - CLORPT

Finding Slope Finding Slope Activity   | Supplemental Worksheet (slope finder)

Make Your Own Soil Profile 

Organisms in the Soil  Berlese Funnel Activity


Soil Characteristics

Soil Texture   Jar Activity  |  Soil Texture Worksheet and Activity   |   Texture Chart Video (YouTube)

Soil Color   Information Sheet

Soil Color   Activity (grades 3-5)  |  Soil Color and Redox Chemistry Activity (grades 6-12)


Soil Fertility

Law of Minimum Video

Soils Supports Agriculture IYS Video

Nitrogen Cycle Activity