Earth Science Week is a public outreach campaign of the American Geological Institute (AGI), reaching millions of people every year with resources, activities, and information about the importance of the geosciences to society. Celebrate Earth Science Week each October!  As a member of AGI, SSSA is pleased to participate in the annual AGI Earth Science Week by providing materials for the Kit and a lesson plan in the calendar.  Below are links to the Earth Science Week site and materials that SSSA has provided:


2016 - Our Shared Geoheritage

Calendar Activity - Rain and Soil  | Supplemental Document


2015 - Visualizing Earth Systems

Calendar Activity - Soil Moisture


2014 - Earth's Interconnected Systems

Calendar Activity - Earth's Interconnected Systems: Nitrogen


2013 - Mapping our World

Calendar Activity - Mapping Your Soil  | Supplemental Worksheet

(grade level 5-12)


2012 - Discovering Careers in the Earth Sciences

Calendar Activity - Finding Slope  | Supplemental Worksheet (slope finder)

(grade level 5-12)


2011- Our Ever-Changing Earth

Calendar Activity - Soil Color and Redox Chemistry

(grade level 9-12)


2010 - Exploring Energy

Calendar Activity  | Supplementary Worksheet (Excel)

Biofuels Overview 

(grade level 9-12)


2009 - Understanding Climate

Calendar Activity - Climate and Temperature

(grade level 5-8)


2008 - No Child Left Inside

Calendar Activity - Dig Into Soil!

(grade level K-4)


2007 - The Pulse of Earth Science

Calendar Activity - How Much Soil is There on Earth?

(grade level K-5)


2006 - Be a Citizen Scientist!

Calendar Activity - How Can you Test Your Soil?

(grade level 5-9)


2005 - Geoscientists Explore the Earth

Calendar Activity - Soils and Agriculture (AGI activity) (PDF)

(grade level 5-8)